July 19, 2010
By jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
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If I'm left with just one more song to sing
If all I've got is one chord to hear ring
Until my end, I'd give everything
But I don't want to live without dreaming

I'd think about what would happen if I prayed
With the last ever words that I could say
I don't want a quote to sum up my days
I'd rather tell you before I fade away

What I am, sincerely
What I am, loud and clearly
What I am, sincerely
One last chance, can you hear me

I pretend that you're home when I walk by
I never know what I'd say if you came outside
I glance and look away, and then I sigh
Seem's like we're always moving, and I don't know why

But I've seen you on the street where you live
Thinking about what I've got to give
Could I do anything more if I could relive
Or would I still end up with just myself to forgive, for


Because I might have to whisper
And you might be on the run
But with all the little things
We can still make it to one
But before I tell a lie again
And before you go away
Can I buy one last chance to say


Is it worth saying exactly what I want to say
I don't know what's really in my way
I don't know if what's true is really okay
But if truth ain't right, then we're both betrayed

If I had only one letter left to write
I'd make sure that if you read it, I had wrote it right
If you were my only dream left tonight
Before I died, I'd put up a fight

'Cause what I am, sincerely
Is dying for you, dearly
What I am sincerely
Is a memory, merely

The author's comments:
I wrote this in a vain effort (as always, really) to get my high level of emotions on paper- to say something about what I am, sincerely.

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