Never Let It Go Away

July 14, 2010
By KatiKat BRONZE, Middle Of Nowhere, Vermont
KatiKat BRONZE, Middle Of Nowhere, Vermont
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When you're around, don't know what to do
And then when I'm alone with you
My thoughts spin round, I'm so confused
This feeling's new, never felt this way
That every night and every day
My thoughts come down to you

You make my head spin round
Whenever I am close to you
World could be crashing down
And still I'd only notice you

And every time that you are close to me
I find that I can hardly breathe
I think it's how you look at me
And afterwards, when I am all alone,
The chills run through me, to the bone
I think about your words to me

You make my thoughts go 'way
In ways that I don't understand
The whole world goes away
While you and me are hand in hand

Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai
Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai
Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai

The feeling that I get with you
That feeling that you love me too
Never let it go away...

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Guitar chords:
Verses, G D Em C
Bridges, D C

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