No One Understands

July 14, 2010
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No one understands
This pain she feels inside
It's hurting so badly
Like being stabbed with a knife

No one understands
What she is going through
They think it's no big deal
And that there's nothing to do

No one understands
What it's like to feel alone
No one to hold your hand
And make you feel at home

No one understands
The tears that she tries to hide
The mask she puts on her face
The real true feelings she has inside

No one understands
The words they say
It hurts her a lot
But she just laughs it away

No one understands
That her heart was broken into two
That it's hard for her to breathe
And she doesn't know what to do

No one understands
This girl you see
They just won't listen
That the girl is me.

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