Gentle Wind

July 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I write, busily, hurriedly,

My hair falls in front of my eyes,

I push it out of my face distractedly,

But only in vain.

I sigh, putting my pen down once more,

But your hand reacts faster than mine.

Slowly you move away the curtain before my eyes,

Tucking it all neatly behind my ear.

But it doesn't end there;

Still, I don't really mind,

Because it's not a disturbance anymore, my hair,

You're not just pushing it away,

More like you're stroking it,

fondling it...

Ow!- you pulled it!

I glare at you angrily, but unable to not smile.

You grin, pleased at having caught my attention.

I submit my copy, and we get up,

Walk downstairs,

No talking, the sounds of our footsteps

Lost amongst the noise issuing from the classes all around.

We sit outside, leaning against the red-bricked wall,

My shoulder pressed against yours,

But my heart demands more.

You seem to understand,

You secretly grab my hand, and squeeze it, gently,


Ow!- no, too tightly.

I return the pressure and you loosen your hold,

Rubbing the back of my hand with your thumb.

I feel my senses going numb.

I lean on your shoulder, closing my eyes,

You rest your head softly on mine.

I hear your heart beating in unison with mine,

happily, I smile.

My heart beats contentedly.

I speak, softly, quietly,

You reply- stupidly.

My eyes snap open, I jerk my head up, wrench my hand away,

I look the other way, biting my lip.

I feel you shake with silent laughter,

I look at you defiantly, and say

" I know I love you more."

You repeat what you just said,

And smile confidently.

I shake my head in disbelief, and pull your hair, playfully.

Your eyes caress mine, my heart skips a beat.

You push my hair back behind my ear unnecessarily,

And take my hand again.

You whisper, gently, quietly, softly,

But your words strongly move me.

I smile, again.

I don't need to say anything, I only lean on your shoulder once more.

You kiss my head, and rest yours on mine.

I sigh, taking in a deep breath,

I feel you do the same,

And wish we could remain like that for eternity,

Just you and me,

Not just in between classes, free classes, and bunking classes,

But eternally,

As eternal and infinite as the love we share,

And the greater part of the love is here,

With me.

I love you more- to infinity.

The author's comments:
What inspired me then, inspires me even now...:)

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