Broken Gazes

July 21, 2010
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Hold her close if it will make you smile.
That's all I want to see.
Would you be half as happy,
if you were holding me?

If she's picking up the pieces I couldn't seem to find,
if she seems to be the only thing flitting through your mind.
If she mends the broken heart that robbed me of your smile,
then dance with her.

Don't think of me.
I'm sure you aren't.
I'm so very sorry, love.
I'm so very torn apart.

I'll slow dance with myself.
Because you can't be here by my side to help.

Maybe in another time,
maybe in another place.
Maybe you could see my tearstained face.

If the room won't stop spinning,
if you know for sure.
If something's beginning,
dance with her.

If you're floating midair above the floor,
if there's no better use of a metaphor.
If she's what you want for the rest of your life,
I'll look you stright in the eye and tell you a lie:

"I'm so happy for you."

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