July 20, 2010
By , Roanoke Rapids, NC
I'm up late at night
Contemplating what
Frightens me

She freaking hates me
I'm serious

"Where you going?!"
"I'm leavin you"
"No you ain't!"

Come back here
Relax here
With me
On the couch

A kiss here
A kiss there

Humming softly
As my fingers run through your hair

But that's all a daydream
She thinks I'ma jerk
She wants nothing to do with me

But I love the hate
Fills me with content
To know that the only way she can vent
Is to purse her lips
And give me that cold look
Reads me like a book

Knows I can't stand it when she leaves
But she's not mine
Supposedly belongs to some other guy

Studying together in college
To my knowledge
She's engaged to another man

But that's not my problem
Sit at home all alone
And swallow my sorrow
Hoping for a better day tomorrow

But forget it
We can't be together forever
But that same topic
Keeps me awake at night
Tossing and turning
Figurin out if I'm wrong or right

Caught up in a tight
With no escape
No reason to procrastinate
The inevitable

"Leave me alone!!
I'm serious this time! Or I'll
Have you locked up doin 5 to 9!"

The last words she said
Opened a cavity in my chest
From my veins I bled
Forget the rest
Of my feelings
Nothing hurts like this pain

Or maybe I'm going insane

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