Shine Your Spotlight on Me

July 20, 2010
CHORUS: I want to meet you backstage someday/I already know what I will say/I’ll tell you what I’ve known for years/The chemistry between you and me’s greater that it appears
Every adoring girl you see/Is just another face in the crowd/I want to show you what I could be/So much more than the ones who scream so loud
Do I have to spend all my money on front row seats?/Do I have to drive myself to every single meet and greet?/I’d do it for me, and I’d do it for you/I’d try to convince you ‘til I turned blue
If I did all that would I be in your spotlight?/If I did all that would I be your star so bright?/If I did all that would you finally notice me?/If I did all that could I finally live my dream?

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