I See You

July 20, 2010
Chorus: When I look inside my heart, I see your smiling face/And I know in an instant I've been touched by your grace/Even though i said goodbye, cried so many tears/I know you're still with me. I know you're still here.

Verse1: I see your face every day/When I get on my knees to pray/I ask God how you're doing and he tells me fine./That's how it always goes when I get God on the line.
Verse2: I see you in the clear blue sky/Your face is that cloud/I want to yell hi up to you. I want to yell so loud./I know you wo't hear me and won't reply/ That's one thing that gets me and makes me want to cry
Verse3: I see you in tha bubbling brook/I see you everywhere I look/I see you in your daughter's eyes and in your son/Right then I know I'm not the only one

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