Thoughts of a Lonely Girl

July 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Why do things never seem to work out for me?
Why does every day feel like Gloomy Sunday?
I want to die but I'm afraid to do it myself
Oh Lord, please forgive me

It's a challenge to make it through the day
Every smile is extra credit
I try so hard, but I can never seem to make the cut
Oh Lord, hear my prayer

Oh I struggle through but can never see the picture
of how my life is still worthwhile
Can someone give my life direction,
or is it something I must find alone?

I try to tell everyone it's not their fault
It's a collection of everything piled high
The mountain steeps so high above me in my mind's most somber eye
I'm such a tiny person in a world drenched in pain

Are you really watching out for me,
or am I truly on my own?
I squeeze myself tight and scream as loud as I can,
hoping someone might at last hear me cry.


Can you hear me now
as I lie curled upon the floor?
Can you feel the warmth of my tears
as I don't want to live anymore?...


Or is it something I must find alone?

The author's comments:
This was written when I was dealing with a difficult time. To those who recognize themselves in these stanzas, know that you will get through it, as I did. To those who don't understand what this is like, it's okay; I'm much better now. Every hard time, every struggle, has left me a better, wiser person stronger in faith and love.

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