Talking to the Moon

July 17, 2010
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Alone on a planet
Staring up at the moon
She shines so bright
Lights up the night

And I ask her
“This is the time to be dark, why shine at all”
And she replies
“So the night doesn’t bring your fall”

"Let’s hurry on with this
Bite my cheek with a kiss
Bring moon beams my way
So the sun can rule the day"

“So impatient are you
She continues, “So frail”
“I can’t help it,” I say
“It’s my nature to go to hell”

“Why so eager, why so scared
To tear out your eyes and your hair?”
”I can’t help it, these hands
Don’t follow my demands”

“I barely remember
And memories are a must
Please hear my request
I think you, I can trust

So be gentle,
And be so kind
To tell me of tales
From different times”

“If I am gentle
And to be kind
I’ll tell you now
To leave it all behind

History is so bleak
History is so frail
And I can see that history
Carries on in you as well"

“It’s coming back
I remember now
I found it in the forest
Somewhere, somehow

Well what day is better?
The day I got the letter?
Or when the birds in the trees
Flew off with the leaves”

“I know this hurts
And I know you’re scared
But being is rough
And human life is hard”

“Look for what you care for
Tell me what you see”
“My darling the sun
He shines light into me”

“What if he was gone?
What would you do then?”
“I would just be stone
I just couldn’t begin”

“See my problem is similar
Though not the same”
“I can see your point
You aren’t to be blamed”

“But still, actions cause reactions
That continues to be a fact
And though your anger was pure
Doesn’t mean actions won’t hit back”

“I know this is true, thank you
I just wanted you to understand”
“You’re welcome, and thank you
For letting me view from where you stand”

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