The Fame, The Game, The Dream

July 8, 2010
By TSmitty247 GOLD, Saugus, Massachusetts
TSmitty247 GOLD, Saugus, Massachusetts
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Im flying so high
In the clouds up in the sky
You know where the airplanes fly
Everything is clear in my mind
All i see is the sunshine
It is so divine and refine
but as quick as it came
it turned for the worse
all of a sudden i was fallen to earth
My world is crashing now
I dont know why or how
and so i keep forgetting who I am
All i wanna do is go home
It is the only thing I know
My family is all I got
I need to come up with a plot
So I can get back on top
You only got that one chance
To take advantage and walk down Glory Road
And they know you have 15 minutes
to either succeed or let it all go
So u gotta unload ur home grown and gotta go
The music is the reflection of yourself
What you rap and rhyme is up to your mind
But when it becomes TSmiTTy'S time
The sun will be out to shine
The world will become mine
Thats when its on
The stage shall be set
The time has come to give it your best
Ring Ring thats the sign that its show time
Her must go on and rip it while
He knows the music is in his control
He says this life is surreal
While he knowns on the inside it Cant be real
Always living in the Limelight
Every little mistake i shall make
These critics will spear me and then cook me by the stake
Because of what i do
Is nothing but the truth
I tell it how it is
Whether you love me or Hate me
I dont care what you think
You just better respect me

The author's comments:
I like to rap as well and i wrote this all while i was in a really good mood

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