Midnight scene, (almost done!)

July 7, 2010
(verse 1)
Ide crash into the midnight scene, with portraits painted of my dreams.
Look down at my baby, shes sleeping softly, so serene,
Crushes boys hearts with bats of an eyelash,
Swats them down to a burning crash,
So seductive such a tease,
Brings me down onto my knees,
As I pray. For my love, to reach hers,
Just one touch, just one kiss,
One moment of this, is all I ask.
Just please, dont let my moment pass.
I hope to god she's listening,
as i sit by her bed and sing,
music notes and guitar strums,
beating hearts just like the drums,
One more moment and we'll be done.
Loving fires die like summer,
Great while they last,
but quick to pass.

I spent all of my summer nights,
sleeping with my baby,
id'e hold her ever so tight,
hoping she would love me, just maybe.

shooting stars across my dream,
crashing through this midnight scene,
smashing comets flashing lights,
i wish we could stay 18 tonight.
i wish tonight could last forever,
ide never let you go, never,
kiss your forehead as you drift away,
i hope your dreams are a better place.

(i love you, i miss you, i just wanna kiss you) x2

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