Thanks for the Good Times

July 7, 2010
By Anonymous

I was feelin' kinda buzzed
"Have one more drink"
Thank you dear friends
for not not letting me think

Thanks for letting me crash into a tree
I can see how much you all really care for me

I know all of you are my true best friends
You probably didn't notice I was drivin' my Benz
I know you're all happy that I didn't die
and I'm sure you'll help pay for my D.U.I.

Just wanted to thank you for all those good times
too bad I wrecked my car and committed a crime

So I'll see you all soon
In maybe 10 more years
Please don't waste your time on buyin fake tears

After all it's not your fault
you told me I should drink beer

The author's comments:
Whether they're your friend or not never let a buzzed or drunk individual drive home.

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