little dragonfly

July 7, 2010
so tell me
what do you think you'd do
step a moment
in these shoes

it's february 28th
im lost in a maze
he gazes at me
with those big, beautiful dragonfly eyes
how quickly the time flies!
im pleading to the deities,
please, can this last forever?

now its 3 months gone
since he flew away from me
i keep writing all these songs
wishin he could see
hes been carryin this lonely heart of mine
on those pretty silver wings
what has come over me

tryin to fit the pieces
of your puzzle in my mind
ill forget all the other faces
but yours, every time
that my thoughts wander
oh, these feelings i cant squander

my little dragonfly
realize not a single day passes by
that i dont dream of how we'd mingle
why, oh why
my little dragonfly


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