Love's Fighting Words

July 7, 2010
something today isn't going right,
your staying far away and out of sight,
I can't believe what you said about me,
and you know your wrong,
So I'm gonna sing this song,

why do we never understand?
And why didn't we start out friends?
I'm missing something in my heart, and now your just tearing me apart,
just to find what you need,
we're like the same song in different keys,
guess that's just you and me,

Musical break

we always fight about the stupidest things,
we always laugh about almost everything,
we say i love you everyday,
yet we have a hard time trying to find the words to say how we feel,
sometimes we wonder if each other questions if this is real,

chorus repeat x1

how could this happen?
why didn't you stay?
what happened to us and unto forever?
and now i can breathe again,

Musical break

yeah, yeah, no way,
repeat chorus x2

chorus fading out

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