A Battle Still Not Won

July 6, 2010
By LeeAnnM BRONZE, Sidney, Nebraska
LeeAnnM BRONZE, Sidney, Nebraska
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Right Here Right Now in this hospital room, Darling I know what you're going through.
You sit and you wait another sleepless night, you're wishing the pain would go away.
The doctor comes in, he's telling you the news, that you already know, and he's saying...
She may have won the war tonight but the battle is still there, So you need to know the truth.

It's a battle still not won and we've only just begun. You're on your knees, you're crying out, Lord why? Help me to be strong, give me hope, don't let me lose faith through this battle still not won.

Foot Prints in the sand, soon the waves wash them away. You're gone now not a thing we can do.
it's like you've faded away, a flower in the wind, You've gone from me now on this day.
They tell me what happened, If I only knew what was going through your mind, Oh, You've lost this war tonight, how can I win this battle of life without you by my side.
repeat (Chorus)

I want you to know that I love you, and I'm fighting this with you , You are not alone. Though there's destruction, and wicked, and hate tonight, You are not alone. I am here!!! When this battle is overcome you will have peace, God help us in this battle!
repeat (Chorus)

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