She hides it

July 3, 2010
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She hides it

She hides it with a smile on her face she breaks down at amazing grace no one sees behind those eyes no one sees the tears she cries
No one seems to care about the girl they don’t know is there, they yell kick and scream she hides behind a blackened screen
She sleeps to get away, her dreams save the day,
She’s dancing in the rain, she doesn’t feel the pain her true love holds her tight and wins the battles she has to fight. Her dreams carry her far to a land where she’s a star. Her face seems so glad no one sees ……she’s so sad

She wakes up to face the day, another day like dusty clay it’s not worth a thing except to find her dreams

They say they love her but is it true they don’t see her like she is, she’s a fragile girl living in an evil world
She cries and lets the tears flow she cries herself to sleep and melts into her dreams

No one sees the tears she cries deep behind those eyes at night
She hides in her dreams they save the day and they whisk her away to a land where she belongs
She goes to sleep for the last time and she never wakes up, she’s forever lost in the world where she belongs

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