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June 24, 2010
By Manderz PLATINUM, Conesville, Iowa
Manderz PLATINUM, Conesville, Iowa
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I face hell when your gone, I pray for my time to come.
Just because I cry, Don't mean I'm hurt inside.
I miss you more at night, If I try to sleep I have to fight.
To get you out of my head, So I wrote you this song instead.

Just when I'm not with you, I feels so blue.
And I start to miss, To be with you I wish.
For you to have my heart, With you gone I'm torn apart.
I want to be in your arms tonight, Do you know what love feels like.

Can you show me love, And heaven above.
Hate is what the people say, A broken heart is the price they pay.
To me your everything, Love is what I'm feeling.
Loving you I can never be done, All my love for you is more than one.


I watched the sky, Hoping another tear doesn't fall from our eyes.
All I ever wanted to be is your man, And that ain't a simple plan.
It has its ups and downs, When I'm with you I can't frown.
I was your friend then something more, I loved you even before.

(Chorus 2X)

Just with a chance, To start some romance.
I want to love you tonight, I want to know what love feels like.
What Loves Feels Like.

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