This Negativity Will Eventually Go

June 20, 2010
By indiecaligurl PLATINUM, Long Beach, California
indiecaligurl PLATINUM, Long Beach, California
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I thought that this would be easy
To be alone and okay with it
But I just feel so damn measly
Without your humor and wit

I need something to focus on
So I busy myself with all of this
But only keeps me up till dawn
So being wanted is what I'd miss

Ha its just sad to write about
Me being lonely and sad
Like I can't freaking do without
A guy who would treat me bad

So I know this is my weakness now
Made up by fairytales and movies
To keep giving what I allow
To eventually become my duties

Pathetic I know
My stupidy
Would really show
No dignity
Less than Jane Doe
This negativity
Will eventually go

I know this will all pass through
All these feelings will go away
And I'll know I don't need you
Then being alone will be okay

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