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July 1, 2010
By lionchaser SILVER, Corona, California
lionchaser SILVER, Corona, California
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Life can be difficult, but that keeps it from becoming boring.

Oh, butterflies, what do they mean?
I'm just guessing from what I've seen.
In movies and stories when she gets butterflies when she sees him and thinks about him all the time,
It means she's falling in love.

Verse 1:
I have always dreaded those three words.
You can say them only when you mean them from what I've heard.
They are so strong and meaningful.
Couples that say them look so cute and wonderful.


Verse 2:
I would like to find out exactly what it feels like to be in love.
I assume it will be wonderful and beautiful as a dove.
Everyone says that I'm too young to know what it feels like,
But I really think that it's happening whether they think so or not.

Chorus Bridge:
Oh, butterflies, now I know what you mean.
I'm not guessing; It's what I've seen.
I'm always getting butterflies and think about you constantly.
I'm falling in love.

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