Wanting to Say

June 29, 2010
By jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
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I was an air-conditioned kid with a baseball bat
Sleeping in when I could
Either just tired or wide awake in bed
Thinking like I thought I should
I found my rock and roll
But school was honestly alright
And I read about the grown-up struggles
Blessed in warm-bedded youthful nights

I cried wanting to say more
Than what had already been said
But I was just surely feeling
What older souls surely did
I cried wanting to say more
Than what was only in my head
But everyone back home felt everything
That didn't need and couldn't be said

Well, I was seventeen in high school
When my junior year did end
And the older kids were moving out
So close to being my friends
I thought of them in my final class
Knowing they'd soon be gone for sure
Would doing it over again
Be worth to us any more


Well, now I'm moving on up
Now I'm moving on up
And I was always going to

Well, there's a house someone lives in
Where they feel nothing but a breeze
But there's a house I want to live in
Where you can't live for just a "please"
I want my questions and my time
Let me sing out until I'm screaming
Just let someone kill me
If one day I just stop dreaming


The author's comments:
I was greatly inspired by the idea that I was moving into my senior year, and I would be instantly missing all those people above me, only to later miss the people under and around me now come my own graduation. I wasn't sure, when I began writing this, if it would turn out to be any good, because usually I don't like to compose a song that deals with such issues so explicitly. Nevertheless, I went on with it, and it turned out okay. The chords for the song are really quite simple, and this was written in a very standard fashion, but I came out with some good lines and an even greater concept. One that I think a lot of my contemporaries will easily be able to relate to. This is probably self-explanatory as far as what it's about. Thanks for reading!

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