Acting Man

June 29, 2010
We were madly in love
Or so we played it in our roles
But I was just an acting man
Called a foil playing to E make you whole
I knew all your lines, you never slipped on mine
When we shot the scene
But there were no lines and there was no time
For us off the screen

I watched you at the show
Singing from "do" to "do"
Watching you on the B screen on the street
Wherever you go

Well, I was looking for
A chance to catch my big break
And I thought you’d come with me
But I never even had a chance to take
I never took myself to them, darling
And I never took myself to you
What’s an acting man acting for
When all of his lines are through

I wanted to go with you
And give them a real show
But you have to have had it your hand
To say you let it go

I see you with a new man
In your latest picture: the cover magazine
And now you got your big break
You’re moving to the hills, moving to the scene
Now I stay at home and rent your old films
Just for a good view
Well, now you’re on the big screen
And I’m still here just watching you

I watched you at the show
Singing from do to do
Watching you on the screen or on the street
Wherever you go

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