Maybe Tonight

June 29, 2010
I’ve been looking for a long time, now
For something I wouldn’t know if I found
I can’t see the ground, but I’m goin’ down
Gotta move before I drown
That is all I know
I don’t have much to show
I am dying to be done
Being the only one

Maybe tonight it’ll be alright
Maybe tonight I’ll learn what’s right
Maybe tonight I’ll see your sight
But I just want maybe to be tonight
I just want maybe to be tonight

If you can, you can lend a hand
To me, get me out of this sand
The words are rich asking for you, and
Yet my voice is bland
I’ve got you inside my head
With all that which was never said
Now, I wonder if you’ll come
And where you’ll be coming from


I hold a hope as the sky fades light
That in the darkness I might gain some sight
Put me in that final fight tonight
And I might learn what’s right
For all the itching at what I can't name
I’ve been left unchanged
Now, come take me off the ground
You know where I can be found


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