A Thousand Lies

June 29, 2010
By jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
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There’s a time of night
Where the morning’s heard dully over
The horizon in the darkness
There’s a type of fright
Where the shiver’s felt all over
And you feel a fear of starkness

Well, there’s a drunken bout
Being fought to win the race
To the that place outside
We can noose the doubt
We can hang the cries
And tell a thousand lies
A thousand lies
A thousand lies
A thousand lies

I see them now
Just an ill illusion
Moving without knowing what’s out there
Can you show me now
Make sense of this confusion
We’re alone under a stare

Well, I found out
The secret about that place
On the outside
It’s just a mile away
If you want to ride
With a thousand lies
A thousand lies
A thousand lies
A thousand lies

What we’ve once defied
Will wash up burned and blind
In a low tide
Hold your head up high
Don’t smile don’t cry
Lie your thousand lies

The author's comments:
I can't nail the subject matter of this piece, but again, that's a good thing; I want you to interpret it. So, this might be something ironic, something about deception, love, loss, truth, friendship, anticipation, escape... Thanks for reading. I hope one day, you can hear it.

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