June 29, 2010
By jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
jackscardino GOLD, Rochester, New York
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I hear the waves crashing on the shore
Feel the breeze blowing off the storm
No, it ain't here yet but you just wait
You'll see those dark clouds take their form
I couldn't say where that storm came from
How fast, when yesterday we were so young
I've got memories somewhere in my mind, somewhere in time
Hey, that's fine, 'cause I still have some

(I still have some)

I've been looking at you so long, now tell me,
What is it you're searching for
'Cause I think I've found a way if you've found the faith
If you're ready to settle the score
That bright sun's gonna fade away
And there's a rain gonna fall someday
Well, I'll be here when it dies
I'll be here for the rise if you'll stay

(If you'll stay)

I know you had a promise
That you swore to keep
Did you lose it along the way
Does it find you in your sleep
I once swore a promise too
To never let that happen to you
So that makes two hearts out on the line
Searching for a sign of the truth

(Of the truth)

You feel it too, now tell me for sure
Just let your heart endorse your mind
I know we won't live down that fear
But it'll help us see what we could never find
I hear thunder rolling over what's owed
Just pile it all on to the rest of the load
It's that time and it's dark
Pull the car out of park for the road

The author's comments:
Perhaps most inspired by the ideas presented in Bruce Springsteen's "Thunder Road," this is a song about, well, whatever you want. It's about opportunity; about leaving home; about nerves; love; identity; coming of age; mortality. Enjoy.

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E.Rackers said...
on Jul. 25 2010 at 10:22 am
E.Rackers, Columbia, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different"- Coco Chanel

very good!! Has a nice flow. 

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