Two-Wheeled Bike

June 16, 2010
By PolorCity BRONZE, Harwich, Massachusetts
PolorCity BRONZE, Harwich, Massachusetts
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"There were three little birds outside my window, but they weren't telling me everything would be alright. They just flew away, but I don't mind because it's too cloudy for inspiration anyways." -Secret

I tumbled face-first into a cloud one day
And something happened as I lost my way.
I fell in love
With your
Perfect life.
I wanted to be there forever as your wife. Yeah.

You pulled me in and
Showed me the way.
Expected me to go but you know
I wanted to stay.
Cause I fit right in
You made me feel so right.
All of my darkness changed to light.

And I promise you
That I
dream in color
Cause your
Eyes seeped blue
As your
Teal wings fluttered
There was
Gold and green and
Purple too
But I’ve
Never seen a color as nice as you, yeah.

I never knew what it would be like
To sit on the handlebars of your two-wheeled bike.
I’ve always been the one teaching to ride
Always forgotten with the high tide

You took my hand led me through the rain
And I’ll never go back to all that hurt and pain.
Your love was a rainbow so full of gold
I thought the winter wouldn’t even be cold.

And I see you
Walking and walking and walking
Forever through

Chorus x2

The End.

The author's comments:
Obviously, it sounds better when you can hear the melody, but I kind of like it anyways.

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