You can, I can

June 16, 2010
You can build a wall
I can build a town
you can build a fortress
I can tear it down
You can disappear
I can reappear you
You can barricade yourself
but I can still go near you
I get the feeling maybe
you don't want me around,
You're far away
in a place
with no people and no sound
If you can let me through to you
You never know what I could find
I could be the way,
you know,
for you to clear your mind
You can sulk and you can whine
I can make you feel OK
You can cry and you can pout
I can laugh the day away
You can try to put me down
I can make you bring me back
You can try to make me sad
I can find out what you lack
You can always feel the winter
I can always see the spring
You can feel the days are ending
I can feel the days take wing
You can block your friends all out
I can let my friends all in
You can feel your happiness end
I can feel my joy begin
Hey, hey
let me help you
Please don't try to put me down
hey, hey
let me help you
cuz I need you around

yeah, yeah


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