Cyberspace Love Connection

June 23, 2010
A thousand wires reach across the world
But it only takes one to love my girl
Pixels sweetly create her face
I love the jittery camera
and that cute laugh she makes
Electric wiring jumpstarts my heart
without you 12 inches in front of me,I'd fall apart.
I can type the words "I love you"
But it means more when I say it to you
It's the best I can do
Miles apart brings a new shining star to the earth
Like a sheet on a baby who was just been birthed
i love who you are
but this feelings so bizarre
when I'm driving in my car
and hear your voice digitally insode my brain
If a hard drive was my heart, it'd be fried
A million tiny electrobites
keeps our love lit every night
I'll shut you down
for charging of another day
I love you so much
i'll download and save your data left only for my touch

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sarahbug16 said...
Jul. 25, 2010 at 6:01 pm
computer hard......distance with a partner, even more hard
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