June 23, 2010
Closing my eyes,
I'm falling asleep,
Keep on thinking,
Till I'm starting to dream,

I'm drifting off now,
And it's starting to seem,
Like a new world.
But it feels the same to me,

The world is spinning all around, And I'm falling without a sound,
Dream, Dream, Dream,
Keep on dreaming,

Believe, Believe, Believe,
Keep on Believing,

Waking up,
But I'm still asleep,
Dreaming about,
Starting to,
Believe in what I'm seeing,

The world is brightly colored,
And I'm starting to wonder,
If this is a dream,
It seems so real to me,

I can't wake up,
If I'm not asleep,
This isn't a dream,
It's reality,

The world is moving slowly,
It would be cray,
To think that this is a dream,

It's not real,
But it's not a dream,
It's somewhere in between,

It's a dream when I'm not sleeping,
And it's what's stopping us from believing,
That it's not real,
It's not real,

But it's something like... A Dream.

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