Last Chance.......for now

June 19, 2010
1.When i saw you my heart couldnt stop beating fast,you were always in my thoughts and dreams i had 2 make it last.All the time i couldnt do anything but be your friend,but u waited all this time to the end,to tell me you cared about me too.
2. You were leaving somewhere else but my feelings for you didnt fade away.I called and called but chickened out,when i heard your voice my heart flipped about.And i regret that i didnt say 1 word to you,in between the time my finger and the end call button touched.
3.Years past and you were still gonne,but my thoughts of you still lingered on.I was about 2 let you go from my heart,but there you were just standing there.i didnt know what to do so i ran in fear,away from you.When i came back after settling down,my excitement of seeing you turned into a frown when i realized i lost my chance once more.
4. More years went by and to this day i dont know y tha i cant seem to get you out of my head.You made short appearences and each time my feeling for you always returned,yet when you leave myy heart burns,of that thought of not seeing you again
5.I dont want that day to repeat but instead of you,this time its me. To tell you that i care about you ,but at the end where theres a chance we might not see each other again.I dont want that to happen,no,not again....

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