Wait and See

June 17, 2010
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Tell me am I dreaming
I feel like screaming
I know this is wrong
I shouldn’t feel this way
But it feels so right
I’m gonna party tonight
My future is in my control
I know it deep in my soul

I know this is wrong
But it feels so right
It’s been so long
Since I put up a good fight
Your heart is black
My slip is clean
That’s gonna change
Just wait and see

You have a heart
Does it beat
Just relax
And take a seat
I love you so
That’s what you know
I hate the feeling
That I’m getting


I’m gonna have to put up a fight
It has just been so long
I know how this is so wrong
It doesn’t matter to me
Just you wait and see

(Chorus softly (×1) and normal chorus (×1)

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