they werent there

May 24, 2010
By Rye_Rye2435 BRONZE, Glasgow, West Virginia
Rye_Rye2435 BRONZE, Glasgow, West Virginia
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People tell me its over,
and i should move along.
they tell me your not worth it,
but i tell them that there wrong.

because they've never had you beside them,
picking them up when they were weak.
and they've never had you there,
being their words when they couldnt speak.

they've never been on the floor,
tears crashing down- face in their hands.
with your arms wrapped around them,
letting them know you understand.

they've never had you look at them,
and with that one look-see everything they try to hide.
they have never opened up to you,
letting you see whats deep down inside.

they have never been in your arms,
as you fight away the bad.
and they have never loved you,
giving you everything they have ever had.

they've never had you take their hand,
and hear you promise you would always stay.
they've never experienced the pain,
of watching you walk away.

so before they go and judge me,
they need to walk awhile in my shoes.
because they dont know how it feels,
to have loved and lost you.

The author's comments:
it pretty much explains itself.

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