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June 11, 2010
By l0c0dAkId713 BRONZE, Katy, Texas
l0c0dAkId713 BRONZE, Katy, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Do it now because tommorow ain't promised today"-Ludacris,Stand Up.

Who is this just another pretty face
Nice waist
Cute eyes and ha hair laced
Eye to Eye her soul I can embrace
Heart to Heart she makes mine levitate
Like it was something special about this girl
That would make me stop messing with all these other girls
And change my whole lifestyle
To settling down and let her have my first child
She makes my mind run wild when I’m dreaming
Late at night I can’t sleep cuz her love is what I’m feenin
Patiently waiting for her phone call
Constantly chattin on her facebook wall
I don’t know I think I’m hooked yall
Cuz my relationships used to go up and down like a see saw
To now being on cloud 9 instead of heading into a free fall
Can’t believe this happening to me
Last person to think Cupid would shoot his arrows at me
So many girls have heard and seen my drama
Some met my pops and some have met my momma
I hope soon you be the one that meets both
I meet yours then we can elope
Have the wedding of your dreams
From the dress to the diamond ring its whatever see
Cuz I know that I need you I love you
I can feel the passion we have every time I hug you

My homie Jaleel told me one day I’ll find the one that’ll make you quit messing wit h@*s
I think I found her bro
All this time she’s the one I’ve been searching 4
The type you find standing under the missile toe
I’ve never had a feeling like this b4
It’s like she got some type of hold on me yo
So imma pick her up and take her to the crib
Walk through the door and the fam like who that is
Its 8:00 in the morning I’m woke by a text that says good morning
I send back the same while I’m yawning
Then I put a smile on my face
Hop in the shower and make my way to the MRH
Convo’n the whole bus ride
While through my headphones are the sounds of Musiq Soulchild
I don’t know why but his songs make think of you
Cuz every line that he says is oh so true
It’s like I’ve found my soul mate
It hasn’t been one argument not even one complaint
Damn baby are you saint
Cuz you making me feel bad to be a sinner
But I feel like a winner
Now and days when I’m writing you’re my inspiration
This is not a song this is more of a dedication
To the one and only that can have my heart
Even the tortures of Hell couldn’t tear us apart
From the day’s sun to the night’s dark
An I’m so for real
I hope I make you feel the same way you make me feel
Forever my opens to you
Even on the days when I’m feeling so blue
An I promise to do you right
It’ll be love that we share won’t be no occasional fight
I hope the world can understand what I’m feeling like
Can’t lie baby girl you the love of my life
(Hook x2)

The author's comments:
I was inspired by this girl who i gotta say i think will be in my life along time.

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