Are you happy?

June 7, 2010
By TooSoonToSayPerfect SILVER, Newmarket, Other
TooSoonToSayPerfect SILVER, Newmarket, Other
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im stuck in this life that i didnt ask for.

Are you happy now, now, now, that were worlds apart?
my only question is, how. how, how did we fall apart?
cuz we were together, for so very long.
so how did we end up, to be so alone.

was it you're only choise, to run away?
you could have stayed and talked, so we could fix it all
insted of watching us, watching us fall

are you happy now.... (etc.)

every thing you said, you probraby regret, ever telling me, its time to pay the debt
for braking my heart and ripping us apart
its time to step up, and pay the price to me
forever we should have been you, you and me

are you happy now... (etc.)

The author's comments:
First song i ever wrote i was in grd.5! lmao... my friend sammy helped me with it. but its by me! :D

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