Never Alone

May 21, 2010
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even when i stand alone
so lost in the massiveness of what we have become
the world thinks they've gotten me now
but theres a way to push through
they just don't know how
i call out your name
and suddenly im awake

silently illuminating all of my fears
wipe away the disguses, i'm flooded with tears
the way that you know me, nothing compares
you are the life i crave
the oxygen in my air

and i'm never

show up always at the right time
and i know in my heart i get to call you mine
nothing has ever showed me how
but i know i can always call your name out

and i'm never alone
i'm never alone

nothing better could come along
whenever i stray, you call me back home
and this time forever i know you are real
no one could ever take your place
one day ill bow down before your face

suddenly illuminated, nothing to fear
no words, ill be speechless, flooded with tears
i know you can hear me, the time is finally here
and forever with you i'll be home
and forever i'm never alone

and im never
never alone

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ladygagafan#1 said...
Jul. 10, 2010 at 11:29 pm
this is a good song but wat does it mean to u??i wanna create a song tht makes sense to me and means something to me so i can look bak and no tht my fans or anybody nos me for who i am and not for im trying to b..dont get me rong the song is ok but think bout it wat does it mean to u??
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