June 5, 2010
It's raining
Not unusual for this little town and
She's waiting
Alone at a bus stop
And he joins her
Black umbrella pointed to the sky
And somewhere deep inside
A memory comes by

His umbrella
Turns inside out
And she moves to
Help him out
And he remembers
Those intent blue eyes
And somewhere deep inside
A memory comes by . . .

And she remembers
Years ago
She was so different and
She didn't understand the way things were
And everyone could use her and
Just everyone could push her down
Into the ground
But now
She's learned
To stand up on
Her own two feet
And she's
And he remembers
Years ago
He was so different and
He understood too well the way things were
And the stupid girl he tormented
To no end until she broke down
And now
She's gone
And he was wrong
And he's
And somewhere overhead
Two memories connect
And go by.

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Elena said...
Jul. 9, 2010 at 9:48 pm

Great work.

I really liked it...I could feel more here and I loved how it was written--format included.

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