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June 25, 2010
By Anonymous

I am waiting for you to notice I am the one for you, baby please just turn around and look back" Whoa ohh whoaa" "yeahh" Now listen right quick I love you,and I need you alot but all I can do is wait for you, I am standing here til you notice im the one for you, just turn around ohh whoa whoaa. Baby your mine deep down inside, your my baby cupz and im yours, im still here til this day waiting for you, you may be far far away but your still here n my heart, baby please I have waited for you too many years now... Just notice this time that im you soal mate and that your mine, please just notce. I have been waiting for many years now still standing here,and you havnt visited your mother in awhile but I have a feeling your gonna come back,10 yrs down the road ohh whoaa im still standing there waiting and here you come running and screaming after me as you see that im just about to walk away, you finally catch up to me and tell me the things I wanna hear yahh yahh. You said... Im the only 1 for you,and that im the one thats gonna be there for you,youve waited along time and i never seen it til now, that your my everything my sweet butter cups baby please I am in love,now please its my turn to wait for you if I have to.! Yahhh ohh baby yahh, your mine and youv'e always been,theres no waitin needed I knew this day would come so I am prepared now lets get far away from here. Love will last forever.- The End.

The author's comments:
About a girl and boy,the girls in love,but the boy runs off with his girlfriend and gets married.

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