Little Sammie Kuberski

May 29, 2010
By Anonymous

She's lying on the floor,
She doesn't want this anymore.
So she puts the gun to her head,
Could have at least done this on a softer bed.

Oh, my friendly friend,
Was this really the end?
Why would you leave us?
When you know whatever you wanted,
We always said yes.

Samantha was too young to understand,
That she was never coming back again.
A game in her head was fantasy,
Until her sisters found her,
The youngest being three.

Little Sammie Kuberski,
Are you now finally free?
Only six years old, an innocence so lost.
She's got her revenge,
But at what cost?

Mommy sobbing in her room,
Daddy's also feeling gloom.
Remember the girl from Yamhill,
For now she lies so quiet and so still.
Her mother,
She can't help but to cry,
Why would her angel wanna go and die?

Lyrics for real-life Samantha Kuberski who commited suicide in December.
This is a tribute to the six-year old and her family.

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