Nowhere To Go

May 29, 2010
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I’m leaving on a jet plane,

Because this life of mine drives me insane.

But where am I going?

I shouldn’t leave without knowing.

Maybe I’ll go out to the western sea line,

Oh I bet a life out there would be so divine.

Anywhere from Seattle down to the border,

I don’t care as long as I can get this life in order.

But I won’t like the earthquakes.

And then there’s the northern east side,

I would love to finally get to see that ocean tide.

I’d roam from the Carolina’s all the way up to Maine,

I could even go see the Appalachian mountain chain.

But I wouldn’t like all the seafood.

I’d really like to go to Florida and see the palm trees,

There I could get lost in that warm ocean breeze.

Start at Miami and work my way up into Jacksonville,

That is the best so far, at least until,

A hurricane hits it.

But yet, still I’m stuck in this place,

Because there’s a feeling here I can never replace.

This is where my one true love resides.

And I wouldn’t give you up for anything, and besides,

I hate to fly.

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