Me and You

May 26, 2010
I wake up to the alarm clock,
And the picture of you.
It brightens up my day,
I love you and you know that I do.
My feelings that you ignore,
And just don’t care about at all,
Mean the world to me,
As I watch my heart and soul fall.

Forever wanting you and me,
Forever keeping my heart true.
Forever hoping that one day,
You’ll believe in me and you.

I’m not sure why I feel this way,
For a while, our relationship grew.
I know we were meant to be,
I believe in me and you.

My stomach drops when I see you,
I remember each dream your face is what I see.
The first time we fell for each other,
And what it’s turned out to be.
The way it made me feel.
When you won’t talk at all.
We’ve already gone our separate ways.
You can’t even hear me call.


Should I stay or should I go?
Should I keep on keeping on?
Should I just give up completely?
Should I consider you gone?


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