Set Me Free

May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a dark day
Everyone had turned away
I felt myself sinking
Starting to fade away

They see me,
Cant understand
My world is
A darker land

And then, and then

You found me
Helped me see
When darkness
Surrounded me
You took me to a better land
And led me through
By the hand

Now life is
Not so bad

I realize
What I had

And now im free, im free

Sitting down
By my side
You give me a
Place to hide

The comfort I feel
In your arms
You save me from
All that harms

And now I think, I think,

If you never found me
Set me free
When darkness surrounded me

I’d be the one to take my life
With my skin cut by the knife

But since you’re here, I have no fear
And I am free. I’m free.

The author's comments:
thank you derric. everyone else gave up on me.. but you were there.

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