My Passion Tango

May 30, 2010
By JoASa BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
JoASa BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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When you said you loved me
I thought you meant it
Then you said sorry
It’s just not worth it
It may seem we weren’t meant to be
But soon you will see
We shall live forever
We’ll always be together
With you I’ll suffer
You’ll rid of me never
Listen to my song
Know you’ve done me wrong
I love the essence
Of plotting vengeance
When you are sad
I’ll be there to make you mad
Then I will be glad
This is better than what we had
When I used to kiss you
We were happy then
But I wasn’t enough for you
Because you went kissing other men
And when I see you
There’s one thing for me to do
This promise I will keep true
I’ll forever be the stone in your shoe
Hear my melody
This absence of serenity
Adds fire to my ambition
To achieve your submission
You hate pretending to love me
I love pretending to hate you
Our once sensual tension
Turned into pure aggression

Our never ending battle
Would soon end in shambles
Because after all the times we’ve lied
One day you suddenly died
And I tried to hide that day when I cried
I thought we’d live forever
I thought we’d be together
And a shiver runs through my bones
Knowing now I’ll suffer alone
And I remember before you passed
Because I was there when you asked
If I could accomplish your dying wish
Which was to have our final kiss
You died before my eyes
I cursed at all our lies
I can’t help this constant shame
This feeling that I am to blame
Learn from my lesson and yes it’s sad
Just be grateful with what you have
And now since you’re gone
I created this song
It’s my way of letting go
Telling this story My Passion Tango

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