Dont waste your life a way

April 23, 2010
Ive tryed so hard before,
to make my heart just stop,
I tryed to hide my feelings inside,
but they are to hard to hide,
Maybe next time i always say,
but i need so much more to take the pain away

It may hurt but your gonna be ok
It may sting in the end but it will go away, time takes a hold on me everytime i see it, life begins to change, so dont waste your life on 1 thing ohohoh yea

You can change the way you are(for him) but whos gonna be happy in the end, not you, just him, and you havet to live a lie, sometimes all you need to do is just let it out. but your scared to shout

Repeat chorus

Just let it out....Just let it out ...just let it out...just dont waste your life away on 1 thing.

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