The Bluest Night I've Seen In Years

April 23, 2010
By Emily Mihailescu GOLD, East Falmouth, Massachusetts
Emily Mihailescu GOLD, East Falmouth, Massachusetts
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This is the bluest night I've seen in years
It's taken my breath away
But it's shining back so many good memories
That these years would not let stay

Memories of love were washed in tears
And a ragged man hung them out to dry
But through the night I feel the power to love
And for once, not the urge to cry

By the silver moon, I see a glipse of fear
And it dissolves in my deepest heart
And because its the bluest sky in a while
It sets itself apart

It's giving power to what I hold dear
Cpurage to let the past be gone
And if you remember one thing, let it be this :
What you take from the night is what you get from the dawn

And just as you dont get lessons without mistakes
And peace doesnt come without a fight
I'll take what I learned from the bluest sky in years
And learn that day offered up to night

The author's comments:
I woke up to the moonlight streaming into my bedroom through my slider and was inspired to write this.

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