Don't Need you

May 25, 2010
Stop! you're pullin me down,
when I want to go up
your face is a smile
but mine is a frown in a close up

I make you look smart
you make me look dumb
we are so different
opposite sides of the spectrum

I don't need you now
it's my turn to shine
i'm gonna leave you alone
It's not yours love, it's all mine

You think you know me
you say i'm crazy
but I don't care what you say
'cause your name's gettin hazy

I'm gonna make it there
I have to get my way every single day
How do I do it you'll never know
I'm not lyin i'm doin okay

i'm gonna drive, i'm gonna go
leavin you in the dust
so fast so furious, you don't even know

You say i'm no different
your words left me ragged
but i'm somethin else
i'm a puzzle, and all of my pieces are jagged

Don't hold me back, I might explode
i'm opening my car door
you're rollin out
on this dead forsaken road

I'm not a game you play
you can't control my life
I run a different way

I'm not a fake no matter what you say
i'm all real 100% from top to bottom
i'm no mistake i've got it in every single way

You can't break me
I can't be blamed
you can't tame me or "save" me

My intentions are good
but you don't believe
I knew you never would

Don't try to change me cause you never will
I'm fun and i'm free
'cause bein with me is a rush and a thrill

I don't need you I will never be you
your a liar and a cheatI can see your nature, it shines through

Goodbye to you, no need to cry
I'll be livin the dream, flying high

I can't see the future but one things for sure
I'm free now, without your love
i've fought, clawed and tore, to ind the cure

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Shahed said...
Jun. 20, 2010 at 1:06 am

Love the title, love it all! great job!


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