My Familiar Face

May 18, 2010
Why is it that every time I try to move on,
Your face comes rushing back into my mind?
No matter how hard I try to erase it,
I can never leave our memories behind.

I didn’t believe in god, but I believed in us
I believed that you would always be here
To protect me, and to guide me through it all
But now at the thought of you, I shed a tear.

It’s been over many months, and you’re still with me
Even though you are a thousand miles away.
Just hearing your voice helps me go to sleep,
And forget that I didn’t see you today.

When we broke apart, everything went with it
The emotion, the feeling, the memories, even my heart.
I find it hard to believe every day, that you’re still here.
And you always tell me that we’ll never ever be apart

How is it that one single person can mean so much?
After all the hurt and damage we went through,
Not a single moment has gone by these days,
Where I haven’t admitted to missing you.

So here we go, another day to add to the list,
You aren’t here anymore, I can’t seem to get over it
But you’re still my best friend, and that will never change
You are the reason, every single day, that I still commit

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