May 18, 2010
By blonde_with_a_brain PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
blonde_with_a_brain PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
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Once you've managed to defy gravity
Don't you dare forget about me-
'Cause I'm the girl who figured it out
and got your feet off'a this ground.
Once you're soarin' through the atmosphere
Don't forget 'bout how you came from here
I know it's tempting to fly off and leave it in the dust
But don't you dare forget about Us.
Defying gravity is such a funny thing
It's just so easy to let go
And forget what lies beneath your
New-found wings
And you know the hardest thing to remember
When you've just learnt how to fly?
It's gettin' back to the ones who love you
And all the reasons why.

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