Crazy Dreamer

May 18, 2010
By blonde_with_a_brain PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
blonde_with_a_brain PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
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I'm always the girl
with the funky schemes
the wacked-out plans and crazy dreams
but my heart and hopes
are always dashed aside in the end
'Cause nothin' ever goes as planned

Yeah I'm the one who gets ignored
even when I got a way to even the scores
and give our team an automatic win
'Cause I talk too much
to even begin

"Crazy Dreamer"
they say "We've had enough of your schemes"
And they send me in to a corner
When I know things ain't as bad as they seem
Well, one day i'll show them how
how to open up their minds
but for now, here I am
The Crazy Dreamer

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