The Decision

May 16, 2010
By xGrandmastaZx BRONZE, Ventnor, New Jersey
xGrandmastaZx BRONZE, Ventnor, New Jersey
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I've got to make a decision, a decision that could change my life

Oh yes it is this decision, the decision that stabs me like a knife

Maybe it is easy, but for me it is too

But for now it is hard, and I don't have a clue

Lets take a break, I'll be back in a few

Chorus I think it is time for your queue


The decision! The decision, I will make for you...

The decision! The decision, I know I will be true...


What if I do the wrong thing,What if I make a mistake

Up to this life was easy,It was just a piece of cake

Why did this happen, Why couldn't it be fake
Its a 50-50 Chance, A risk I will have to take


The decision! The decision, In my heart I can only feel

The decision! The decision, This stress is unreal


I think I did the write thing, I have made up my mind

Thanks for being a nice Audience, Youve all been very kind

I hope you all are happy, because now so am I

I just want to warn you, to never tell a lie

For lies get you into trouble, and they never come out good

I am confident you have listened, and you all will do what you should

I experienced this myself, and it was no walk in the park

Thats my story, and feel free too leave a remark.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about a decision I had to make, And I think that I did the write thing

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