You And I

May 15, 2010
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found myself
Gripping the doorknob of your house
Hoping to be let back in your life
(Hoping to make things right)
Found you staring at me
Glaring at my mistakes
I never meant to trip over my own steps
This is a moment we should forget
(We should forget)

Sounds like a plan
No way we can fail....

Chorus: I'll speak those words
(Oh, I love you)
Hold you like I want to
(Oh, I love you)
I fell so hard for you
(Into your arms)
Finally, can we sleep in peace
(Baby, sweet dreams)

Forgive me, please forgive me
I'll be a saint if you'll just be my priest
Just forget about what I've done
Give me that sweet release...
(Tell me that I can breathe)
That you'll kiss me once again...
That you'll love me once again....

Oh, it sounds like a plan
No way we can fail...
(repeat chorus)

I know these tears are dried up
But the tracks on your cheeks remain...
Just forget...
Forget about my mistakes
(I never meant to make your heart break)
And the fact remains...

I love you, oh I love you
I love you, yes I do
I'd say it everyday
If you'll just let me in again
Just love me once again...
(repeat chorus 2x)

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